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Monk Waterfall Incense Burner

Monk Waterfall Incense Burner

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  • Includes 5 backflow incense cones with this Burner
  • Purchase more incense cones (at this link) together with the incense burner to save on shipping.
  • When an incense cone is lit in the burner, a trail of smoke mimics a cloudy waterfall mist at the base of the piece.
  • This hand-crafted ceramic incense burner is a unique addition to any table top.
  • Ceramic incense burners are perfect for lighting your favorite incense while providing a decorative accent to any space.
  • A great addition for improving the ambiance of the study, bedroom, or yoga studio. You may place it on the floor, desk, table, or alter. 
  • These burners are built durably, and made to last for many years. 
  • Makes for a great gift!


  1. Take an incense cone (can be purchased at this link) and light the top of it with a lighter for about 15 seconds. It's easier if you tilt the cone sideways while you do this, so that you just get the very tip of it.
  2. On your incense burner, somewhere on the top of the mountain next to the monk, there is a little hole. Take the incense cone that you just lit, and place it on that mountain so that the hole at the bottom of the incense cone aligns with the hole on the top of the incense burner. The tip of the incense cone that you lit should be facing up.
  3. Wait about 10-20 seconds, and make sure that you are not in a windy area.
  4. Voila! The waterfall effect begins.

SIZE: 12.4cm Height x 8.2cm Width

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